Newbie Needs an Obie

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Good morning, 

I am currently straining my eyes from all the reading I have been doing on my computer at work and my phone and tablet at home. Staring at lists of foreclosures and empty lots of land just begging to be filled with brand new homes or just cleaned up for someone to come move in off the streets this winter. 

Being that I have never actually bought or worked on a property, I am only filled with ideas and numbers for what everything would cost and how I could do it, if only I had the money. 

I'm posting this to kinda fish for a mentor. Someone who has their hands on at least 50 doors and would be willing to let me work with them and show me what I can't learn from reading. 

I need an Obie won!

Good afternoon Elizabeth,

Just stumbled upon your post and thought I'd give my 2 cents. I'd say you should look at finding a mentor a lot like you would approach dating someone. You start off by building some kind of rapport through communication. As things progress you meet the person and then communicate some more. Then you reach a point where you decide if you're compatible. 

I like using BP as a vehicle to start to build such relationships. I suggest using keyword alerts to let you know when someone in your area of interest is posting a question or response. Get to know who the active players in your market are and reach out to them. Follow-up with the purpose of getting to know them and if its someone you think you can bring value to in exchange for knowledge/experience, don't stop following up until they tell you to!

I read an older post of yours where you mention your intentions of making affordable housing more available in your community. Thats a great mission and I think any active investor would love to have someone like you on their team.

Unfortunately, I don't have 50 doors for you to help me with but you can reach out to me with any questions via BP or email. I'm always happy to share information with like-minded people.

Best of luck to you & Happy New Year!


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