First Flip "On PURPOSE" on the market

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My husband and I have always bought homes, improved them and then sold them. However, about 6 years ago we decided to get ready for "our baby" to head off to college and started planning. We have always wanted to own our own business and I am very passionate about real estate.

Long story short - we jumped in with both feet and bought a home from an elderly couple who were hoarders. We bought a home in a great location with good bones, but every room, walls (99% had wallpaper), lights, outlets, switches, floor, doors, bathrooms, and kitchen needed help!  Here are the before and after photos. 

Home went on the market late last night ... now we wait! Overall, it has been a great journey, learned tons, and built our team deep - so it is a Win.

thanks for sharing @Patrice Boenzi

It looks good! hope you guys sell it for top dollar! 

Wow, what an amazing difference! Love the transformation, and love the new look! Best of luck selling it for what you want.

House went under contract in 72 hours!! Couldn't be happier!

That is great! Looks like you did some excellent work.

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