Cost converting Radiator to Installing HVAC and Duct work?

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Anyone have experience with converting radiator heat to forced air in a SFH? Removing radiators and pipes and installing HVAC and duct work. If so how big was the job and what was the cost?

I have a SFH 3200 SqFt, Basement, Main Floor, Upstairs, and Attic Living Space. Wondering if Im about to get sticker shock.

Thank You

Why would you want to do that? 

Hot air is less efficent and drier and dirtier.

@Mark Holencik  There radiators all over this place taking up valuable space, theres also pipes in odd places on every floor. Whoever designed the layout wasnt very smart. There are closets dedicated to just pipes.  I can literally remove 4 of those dedicated closets and create an extra 14 x 10 BR among other things. The pipes are in bad condition and many need to be re-piped. 

The forced air is more attractive to buyers, the extra BR adds value, the gained space from removing the radiators, minus what the cost would be to re-pipe... just thinking doing the duct work would be the best move.

@Brandon Sturgill yeah I kind of figured that much. Thanks

recently seen, 2400 sq ft fully gutted and all new hvac with the basement.. it was about 6-7k, all new ac unit, furnace, everything new. Tho, the hvac man had previous history with the man.

Walls already gutted too?

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