Suggestions for Carpet and Window purchases in Cartersville, GA?

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Hi all,  I recently purchased a rental property in Cartersville, GA and am looking to find an investor friendly business where I can purchase carpet, windows, and cabinetry.

Any suggestions to help keep the costs low on these items?

Builder's Surplus in Atlanta is a good place to look. Go in knowing your price alternatives. IMHO forget carpet in a rental, go with laminated floors.

Try Pugs Rugs or Gilreath  Carpet  in Cartersville. But  honestly it would be best to travel on up to Dalton. It's only about 30mins from Cartersville. 

Lowes gives a great discount for orders over a certain amount. Order everything you need at once or just enough to make their minimum for the discount.

I agree with @Tony Gunter .  I'd think it over before putting carpet in a rental.  I've heard that Home Depot has a free installation special on - not sure if it's still on - but once you add in underlay and everything (not to mention the cleaning or replacing between tenants), carpet is not your least expensive option and it's definitely not your best one.  Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is pretty fabulous these days - it's gotten better and better and looks just as good as laminate any day.  And it's waterproof and you can get it almost indestructible.  I'd take a good look at that first because it's easy to install, some similar to the 'click' floors of laminate, engineered wood, etc. 

You have lots of other good, more economically sound and attractive options.  You'll definitely take away a lot of your renter's pool by putting in carpet.  No one with kids will want to live there for sure.

Hope you find something nice!

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