Granite Countertops -- Rhode Island or Massachusetts

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Hi Everyone, 

I am looking for a low cost granite counter-top vendor & installer in RI or MA? I am looking for someone very reliable and low cost.

I appreciate your recommendations.


I highly recommend Garcia Tile in Taunton, MA.  Manny Garcia is the owner. I've used him on a couple of flips and he's done a great job on the kitchen counters. He includes free undermount sink. He has good prices for builders. Good luck.

We actually got a screaming deal from Home Depot, they run specials pretty frequently.  I would also just put in a thumbs up for Quartz, it's more durable than Granite, slightly more expensive, but worth it, if you ask me.  You don't need to reseal Quartz, like you're supposed to with Granite.  Can't trust that tenants will take care of your counters the way they are supposed to.  The warranty that we got was also pretty good looking, though we haven't had to use it.

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