Do you stage your own properties or hire professionals?

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Hey All,
I flip home in the Los Angeles market and home staging has proven to be extremely effective and of course, extremely costly. The homes I flip tend to be mid high to high end homes and require at minimum that the master bed, living, dining, kitchen and baths be staged.

In the past year I've spend well over $30,000 alone staging the homes I've flipped. (3k-5k per property). I can't help but think about all the high end furniture I could own and store away for less than what I'm paying staging companies. I'm curious as to what my fellow BP'ers are doing when it comes to staging. 

Are you hiring professional stagers to come in design, stage and remove all the furniture when the property has been sold? Or are you staging your properties yourself with your own furniture and dealing with the headache of design, staging, de-staging and of course storage? 


I stage my own and copy professional stagers ideas and layout.  I have a small storage unit where I store my pieces and so far it has worked out well for me.  I have a large flat screen Tv and entertainment center that I put under it.  Queensize bed and a few nice pieces to use for the master bedroom.  Couches and a dining room set and have paintings that I hang in various places.  Works good for photo's and have gotten lots of positive feedback on the look.  I only do two properties at a time but this works for me.  Good luck.


I did staging for the first time on the last home I flipped.  I was going to use a local realtor whose style I love, but he wasn't available.  Since no other stagers had a style I loved I decided to do it for myself.  It was a lot of fun, but it was also only 1035 square feet so definitely a different class of property than yours.  

I guess the question of whether it's worth it is best answered by you. 

 Do you have the spare time to do the staging?  Between shopping for the furniture and actually setting up the homes it can be very time consuming. 

 Do you feel like you have an eye for design and could do the job as well as a stager?

Is your time better spent finding deals and running projects?  

I think as entrepreneurs we tend to have an "I can do it" attitude, which makes us able to do big things.  Sometimes though, it can lead to spreading ourselves too thin.

I don't know your situation, but hopefully these questions will help you achieve clarity on this question.

Hi Tayo

I think if you are always flipping the same style of house, or a house where design trends can work across, then staging it yourself wouldn't be too difficult. I know staging companies out here in LA can be rather costly and I get mixed feelings from clients wether staging helps to sell a place or not, I think it depends on the property really.

Let me know if you ever need an agent!

I stage myself and agree with above. I always do the same look/style on my designs. My staging is not like a professional, but works in my market. I have maybe $600-700 worth of furniture/decor and store it in my home or in my flips basements between stagings. It's a bit of work to move and set up, but saves me a few thousand per house. I deal with cheaper homes ($150-300,000) so this might not translate to higher end products.

Thank you all for the feedback! It's good to know there are others staging there own properties. I have a pretty good design sense and It's also not difficult to copy what the professionals are doing so I will try and stage my next couple of properties and we'll just see how it goes. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm finished. Thank you all again!