looking for Scope of work APP for Android or IOS

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Here is a question for the Rehabbers/builders on bigger pockets

I am looking for Andriod/IOS preferably android App that would allow a be picture to be taken and create a scope of work for landscaping the property using the image. I understand that costs would vary based on location but if we can use snapchat to turn people into dogs i am sure that same technology could be used to create detailed scope of work.

The same question applies to creating a scope of work from a interior image. I have seen some great spreadsheets to help estimate cost however does anyone know about applications that allow image overlapping ?


@Yaroslav Golubev

I received my degree in software development and even I think that: a) this is a tall task, b) there'd be more effort in creating such an application than just writing the SOW yourself. Impossible to make? I doubt it, but I am unsure of how such an app would be able to determine what's in your head in terms of vision for yard landscaping simply using a picture. Putting dog faces overlapping a human one and having an app do design for you are more like apples and avocados. 

There'd probably need to be so many inputs in the program to create a SOW that you'd be better off doing it yourself by hand/computer the old fashioned way rather than using an app because by the time you're finished with all of the inputs, you'd actually have written the SOW. No real shortcuts I can think of other than making a Word doc or spreadsheet detailing what needs to be done in the yard. I would suggest taking a SOW template and adjusting it to make it a yard template and go from there. Just my 2 pennies though. I have never seen or read about such an app but I'm sure there are many people smarter than I that can create one. You're going to have to just do the work and make your SOW like everyone else.

@Bob Okenwa i appreciate your input. Its not a easy task but i see a future in this because so many products are available online now i figure pulling the data from local data is possible. I have seen a few landscaping apps with similar concepts that allow you to print a cost estimate with the material used. I am going to try and find them and add to this Forum.