Intel on the timing of the next Menard's 11% rebate promo

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I have a big project closing soon that I need to buy materials for but would like to take advantage of the 11% rebate promotions it seems like Menard's has a few times a year.  I have the flexibility of making the order anytime within the next 2 weeks and align it with a promotion.  Does anyone know if they typically have a pre-Memorial day sale?  Thanks!

What John said, but go to the pro desk and set up a contractor account - you don't need to be a licensed contractor. You will be assigned a rep that will then help you out. My Menards rep will go to my flips and measure for cabinets, count light fixtures, etc and get a material list together and set up for us to approve. If he/she knows what you buy then it's easy. I use menards for somethings, Home Depot for others and my local building supply companies for others

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When I'm planning a larger project, I go on eBay and buy 15% off HD coupons with my 2% credit card, then I pick up my supplies, depending on the project you will have to do separate transactions because each coupon has a $200 max discount, works well for me. I use my 2% CC always for supplies too.

If you happen to buy something and the 11% rebate goes into effect the following week, you can always go to the service desk and ask for the "11% price adjustment" rebate form.   Its not in the normal rebate rack.  You have to explicitly ask for it.


Also, in areas where Menards & HD compete, HD will match the 11% rebate.  You can fill it out right online.  Actually a little easier than Menards.   I frequestly do this and take advantage of their price matching since I have a HD  right on my way home from work.

@Rishi B. Menards seems to ALWAYS be having their 11% rebate special. Wait another week and I bet it'll be back.

However there is a website I hop on and buy $20, $100 at lowes. Every time I buy $1000 worth of equipment at lowes, I buy 10 of the coupons, $2.39 each and I save $200.

There are also ways of negotiating a price for a large bundle of supplies at ny big box lowes, home depot, or menards store.

The 11% rebate program is great if you can time it right.  A big component you will want to take into consideration though is the juice you are paying on your money.  If you are paying hard money or private money rates and you want to wait an extra month to save money on your materials, you will lose in the long run.  Sometimes we can fall into the trap of tripping over dollars to save pennies.  That is why I'm willing to pay an architect an extra few thousand dollars if they can get me a permit in a couple weeks vs a few months.  

find a great credit card introductory bonus or two and sign up for them simultaneously. Those alone will save much more than 11%. If you can sneak the 11% in too, then you're really cooking.

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You can also get the 11% price adjustment rebate form from the Menards Customer Service desk.  If you shopped for the previous two weeks at Menards, and they have an 11% off sale, you can get the price reduction on your previous purchases.

Get a duplicate receipt from their receipt printing kiosk for your records, you need to mail in the original receipt.

You can also look at the rebate counter and see the end dates for the existing rebates.  When most are expiring, you know a 11% rebate will be coming that weekend.

Pro Tip - You can get the 11% rebate at Menards always, even if they aren't running it right now. 

Just save your receipts and when they run the promo, go to the service desk and ask for a rebate adjustment form. You can then mail your receipts and receive the 11% rebate. 

Be wary that on SOME products they raise the prices when the 11% goes into effect, so you don't end up with much of a deal. As other said, HD and sometimes Lowes will match the 11% on their prices which may be lower already. Not that this is always the case, using 11% off on already discounted/sale items is a pretty fantastic method to get really cheap materials.