Rehabbing a mobile home

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Does rehabbing the interior of a mobile home take any special expertise beyond what would be required to rehab a house? Just wondering if there were any issues I need to watch out for. Thanks.

Hi - I've been looking into rehabbing mobiles as well. Apparently, there can be good money in buying low, selling higher and carrying the paper on mobiles. And if you can own the mobile park, that's even better. I also read that Missouri is an excellent area to do this. So good luck!

I'd make sure the flooring of the mobile home was stable - since there is no real solid foundation beneath it. Check for water rotted flooring. I've seen several flooded out and the floors are spongy. Other than that, the rehab should be the same. Electrical may present a problem since the interior walls are not always drywall but a thinner fiber board or panelling. It would depend on the age of the mobile as well.

But if you are just replacing cabs, carpet and tile, etc. it should go pretty smoothly.

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