Kitchen floor ceramic tile looks uneven in places. what do i do?

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ok, so I'm a rookie at this so do laugh at me for asking this.

I am trying to fix up a house to flip and the tile in the kitchen floor that was laid looks uneven in places. the lines are all strait but some of the tiles are higher than others.

My question is this. Is this something that can be fixed one tile at a time?

Hey Stephen

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but to make it right you probably need to start over. Was this tile already there or did you lay it? Curious if there is any underlayment .

Chris D

IF you can match the tile perfectly and IF there are only a couple out of whack you may be able to remove them, grind down the thinset, and put new tiles in their place at the same level as the surrounding ones. Even then, matching the grout so the repair is invisible would probably be a challenge.

I'd probably make everything else look good and the buyers may not notice - they're busy picturing their stuff and their life in the house, you're looking at every little construction detail.

I was pretty unhappy with my contractor's latest tile job in the bathrooms but no buyers ever noticed a thing.

The tiles that are higher than others - are they firmly attached or loose? If attached, I'm thinking it was a poorly installed tile job. When tile is installed it is tamped while the setting bed is soft to level the tiles with each other. To make it right would require starting over.

I would say unless it's sticking up more than a quarter inch, I would leave it. Don't get bogged down by looking too closely. Especially if it's a low income or rough area.

If the buyer likes the neighborhood/home/floor plan and price, then I don't think he'll let a few tiles ruin this buy for him. But if it does, you could always offer to have it fixed and add $xxxx to the price of the contract. I would do price it cost me to fix times 2.


Most people won't notice it on their first walk through. If it is in the right spot, put something over it. Like a chair or rug or planted pot or just the cleaning bucket or ladder. If it is dead center, stand on it while your showing that part of the house. If and when it gets noticed, play dumb and then, turn it into a positive. Tell'em it must have had a little bit too much glue and how that sure beats having an air pocket which could cause a crack in the future. Tell them it can be fixed, but the odds of matching the grout don't outweigh the strength of the current one. Then say "you know what I mean?" while nodding your head up and down. They will be diffused.

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