Recommendations for Ceiling Fans for Flip?

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Hi All - I'm rehabbing a foreclosure that was built in the early 80's, a 3 bedroom 3 bath brick house in a nice neighborhood. All the metal work in the house is that shiney brass that was popular then, and it is worn as well as dated. I'm replacing everything with oil rubbed bronze - door knobs, hinges, cabinet pulls, faucets, etc. There are 5 ceiling fans in the house, all brass, and they have to go. I'm looking for something in oil rubbed bronze, with LED lights and a remote. I've been looking at Overstock, Houzz, Amazon, Lowe's, HD, etc. Have any of you recently done something similar? Know of any deals out there? I want something in the current style, reasonable price. What did you chose for your flip? This will be about a $250k house, when it is done. Ideas? Thanks!

Forget the fans and add central air or other AC equipment. That will be more valuable to potential buyers. Fans are less popular than they were in the past.

However, if fans are popular in your area and help sell the place, then update them with replacements befitting of the home. 

But before you do, make sure the previous owner put in place the proper reinforcement in the ceiling to safely install a ceiling fan. Many people make the mistake of installing a ceiling fan in place a standard light fixture. Electrical codes and building codes may be different than when those fans were first installed. Make sure that any new fans you install are done so properly and are on a secure base.

Thanks for your input, Marcia! The house already has central heat and air, but it is in Arkansas and summers are hot here. I keep the house cool, but I often run the fans anyway. It lets me spare the AC a little, and saves me a little on the electric bill. I considered just removing the fans and replacing them with LED fixtures. Also considered replacing the light kits currently on the fans with something more modern, with LED lights in it, and painting the metal parts of the fan with Oil Rubbed Bronze Rustoleum. I have used it before, and it doesn't look bad. But I'm not going to be living here myself, so I'm not sentimental about it; I just want to do whatever will help the house sell. Maybe that means no fans at all!~

Put in fans with a lightkit that is considered farmhouse chic and use that term in the listing. Apparently that style is all the rage.

Fans are an inexpensive replacement and help in selling. I don't have that interior design so I buy the $79 Lowes special. Though I hold rentals, almost everyone deems fans important. If you don't have them, people notice. Try google.

If the ceilings are white, my wife likes to use white ceiling fans to try to make them blend in a bit more.  You can find inexpensive white ceiling fans most anywhere.  

I remember those humid, summer days in Central Arkansas - yes you need lots of fans. There are $33 basic ceiling fans at Lowes and apparently property owners stock up on them because they sell out here in the LA market. If you google Lowes coupons, you can find 10% off coupons, order the fans through ebates and get about 2% cash back and have the fans shipped to your local Lowes store and pick them up after work =]  

@Erik Allred @Marcia Maynard @Marian Smith I don't know if these are popular for flipping down by you, but if you are going for the more modern look, I've sold a couple of houses with the fan with the blades hidden. It's a new thing and some people hate it and some people love it, it's 50/50. You have to determine if that's what you're going for.

This is it...

IF you are looking for something less modern, I would go with a regular home Decoration one from home depot, something that isn't brown but rather darker in color or gray. 

Let me know your thoughts and what you think would be fit over there on the west coast, as in NJ, the market and the people's taste is way different.

The cheapest ceiling fans I have found that are not garbage are the hunter brand sold at menards probably carried at other retailer also.  I can get them for under 90 dollars.  We just match the color to the other light fixtures/door knobs if it applies.