What is you rehab sequence?

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BiggerPockets sells a book called "The Book on Flipping Houses" which actually has 25 pages devoted to rehab scheduling, including discussions of dependencies, time frames, rules of thumb for scheduling, etc.

For those who aren't interested in getting the book, here's the gist:

There are few times when you can ask a question online a feel as though you're getting a creditable answer. This may be one of them. I actually bought your book a while ago then put it down because I am not a huge reader but I have picked it up again and have decided to dedicate at least a half hour a day of reading this book and the rehab book after this. As soon as I saw the picture you posted I remembered reading it.

I like to ask open questions on this blog because I like to here what people have done themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out! I actually just listened to your second podcast with bigger pockets last week. Very helpful as well!