Cracked and settled floor in lower lever bi-lever home.

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Fellow BP members I'm looking at a really good deal to flip it just has one issue I'm not sure what to do with. Floor in lower level is settling or settled about 2.5 inches, it even feels hollow under. Its cracked and sagged in different directions. Outside brick and blocks look perfect, no cracks no sagging or bending in metal siding. What do you do in situations like this? Why would it feel hollow underneath? 

This one wall has brick inside behind the fire place, you can see the gap is about 2.5 inches.

The slab was probably poured on top of fill dirt that wasn't properly compacted and now has settled. The proper repair would be to remove the concrete and properly compact the fill and re pour the slab.

Robert is spot on. I would have a couple of local masonry contractors give me a quote for the repair  work. There are a number of variables aside from labor. The local cost of fill and concrete being two of them. How was the floor finished? Wood, tile, or, carpet,  will also contribute to the cost. 

The real unknown to this deal is what you are going to find when you remove the existing slab. You could have had a few inches of settlement or maybe a few feet. Access to this area from outside will also be a factor. Depending upon what you find, and other factors, it might be cheaper and easier to just replace the slab area with a traditional wood floor joist system and plywood. I would hazard to guess the cost because I don't know your labor rates and all the specifics of the job. Off the cuff I would say at least 5k. If it was going to be much more than that I would find a way to use a joist floor.

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