It's hard to find good help in LA these days

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Confirming what we experience every day, if you're not doing the work yourself, then good luck finding a contractor in Southern California who can answer your call.

Same everywhere. I have 3-4 guys that have been with me for years. But since I need 10-12 people, I'm constantly rotating junk guys that last 1-3 months.

@Kuba F. , I saw that article and thought it was interesting , it makes sense though.

Regarding Home Depot I still see guys hanging out for work in the valley unless something changed in the past couple weeks .

What area of L.A are you usually in ?

My favorite HD is the one in Anaheim Hills, and I go out of my way to go there.  I never see anyone hanging out there though.  Same thing with Lowes in Fullerton.  Could be an OC thing.

@Kuba F. you should come down to West Anaheim if you need day labor.The Brookhurst St. store have dozens standing around looking for work.All the Home Depots in Northwest Orange County have day laborers to spare.

Lol. I always find funny that people with a specific quality and budget goal hire people from the streets. They're scary and some are smart enough to sue you because too many cockroach lawyers go there and hand out 2 cent business cards.