Need Scope of Work for Finish work - Painters/Compound/Taping

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Hi Guys! 

Im currently in the finishing stages of my rehab & in need of a detailed scope of work for company I'm hiring to handle the painting, compounding , plaster & taping of the house. Telling them "Plaster & paint entire house" is a bit too general & leaves the door open for any dispute/missed work... I think :-)

Would appreciate any help from anyone who has one and is willing to share. 

Thank you all in Advance!

Why not have them spell out what they will do. Typically tape all drywall joints, 3 coats of joint compound on all screw holes and joints, sand smooth to level 1-5...the industry actually defines the levels. Spray knockdown texture on walls? (Or skim coat existing walls and texture both existing and new walls to match) Prime walls and ceilings with uva primer. One or two coats of 100% acrylic interior paint flat on ceiling and matte/eggshell on walls? Brand of paint? Color?

@Jorge P. have you hired the company already? Are they buying all materials?

I would probably define the scope of drywall work in each room. If there are any areas of walls that need dings and dens fixed, I would be inclined to mark them on the wall and describe them in the scope.

Make sure to indicate very specificallythey are required to clean up after themselves and to not clean their tools in your finished sinks. A bucket in the yard works but express that they cannot leave a mess in any nice finished lawn or driveway/sidewalk areas.

Level 3 is fairly standard, so it might be worth confirming this is what they are quoting.

Prime and paint is straight forward. Ask them what brand they prefer. Spec out the product with them and then choose your colors. Eggshell/satin walls, semi gloss trim and doors is what I use.

@Marian Smith Thank you very much for that breakdown, it's along the lines of what I thought should be done (having a 2nd opinion always helps 🙂). 

I will also have them spell out the work as well. I think this is a great idea! 

Thank you very much again & if there's anything I can do to help you please ask away :-)

@Brian Pulaski Love this ideas your suggesting. All of the walls are brand new so they have no dings...yet lol fingers crossed. 

I didn't think of spec. Out the products... Awesome suggestion! 

Thank you Brian & if there's anything i can help you with please ask away :-)