Is Kitec Plumbing a deal stopper?

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Looking at purchasing a home with Kitec plumbing. Home is 11 years old and the owner has never had an issue with it, but not sure I want to take a chance on a long term hold. $125 million payout in a class action lawsuit definitely says there is a problem with it! Anyone have experience with this product? It seems like the biggest issue is with the connections, but there may be issues with the pipe itself. Would you require the owner to replace connections, entire system, or am I being obsessive-compulsive?

I just read "What is the Problem? Unfortunately, the brass Kitec fittings allowed a chemical reaction to take place which eventually weakened the fittings causing them to fail. Similar problems caused the pipes to fail. The failure can cause water leakage and flooding in homes resulting in severe property damage. Statistical information suggests that it is not a matter of if the Kitec will fail but rather when the Kitec will fail."

I would purchase the house at a price where you factor in the cost of replacement; then take care of it immediately. It will fail; better to take care of it on your time rather than it randomly flooding the property.