Best way to avoid realtor commissions?

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Off market is really the only way to avoid buyer's agent commission or else most agents will not show your home.  The ones that do will charge their clients a finder's fee and that will consequently lead to them offering less for your property.

Sure, don't list the house on the MLS and tell any buyer with an agent that the agent won't get paid.

You'll probably never sell the house, but you can certainly av

You can advertise that agents fee would be added to sell price but I think your are making a mistake. Buyers agent is generally only 3% and it gives you a lot more potential buyers and someone to walk buyers through the process which will shield you from liability should the buyer get remorse or some due diligence gets overlooked.

If you list with an agent you get added networking and marketing assuming you have a good agent and the fee should only be around 6% total. My personal feeling is a good agent more than pays for their commission with not only the peace of mind, time and hassle they save you but but can yield a higher selling price and in fact paying their own commission.

A lot of investors get their license just to beat that extra 3%. In my mind if the deal doesn't work with agents fee, the deal doesn't work.

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