Flipping a house with extensive mold (advice or order of repairs)

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Dear all,

We have placed an offer on a house with extensive mold (half of the house) due to several holes in the roof. Do you have advice for an order of repairs? Thank you very very much for your help!!!! 

Some say mold is gold.  You get a big discount and usually it is repairable.   House will need to be gutted and then treated on the inside.  Once re-roofed, you have stopped the source of molds growth.

Still not a project for beginners.

My first steps if I had a house filled with mold due to a bad roof, would be to have a dumpster there day one, and a roofer there as well. Fix the roof and get the mold/sheetrock/insulation out. At that point you can access what more needs to be done to get rid of the issues if they go deeper than the "skin".

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