Finding properties to flip/rehab

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We're still considered fairly new at real estate investing. We've always found our properties via a real estate agent. While we don't mind working with real estate agents, we do feel limited by MLS properties. We're now trying to locate our own deal. We've located a vacant property and tracked down the owner's information. Now what?

@Marie Davati now is when you skip trace them to get their phone number and call them.  If it turns out the owners have died you should be able to find their relatives fairly easily and you can call them.

I would not rely on mail for contacting the owner of a vacant property for a multitude of reasons.  

Also, I would look and see if there any delinquent taxes or liens of any type on the property before I called.  This is generally quick and easy to do and just gives you more pain points to hit on in your conversation with the owner(s).

Good luck!

Thank you for replying. We do have the owner's number and he is alive. We aren't sure exactly what the goal of the conversation is. I assume we find out what happened and how much is owed. I suppose we'd like to know what a good scenario would be and what a bad one would be. Would we need to contact someone further if a lot of money is owed? We're not entirely sure how the process works without an agent. This is new territory :).