What is your filing system to stay organized while flipping?

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Google Drive/Sheets/Docs. I pay $20/yr for 100GB space.

Come up with a file structure that works for you and let it evolve over time. Take pictures of all your invoices/receipts, upload checking account and credit card statements. Having access to everything wherever I have wifi is amazing. I can literally send anyone, any important documents they might need within 2 minutes.

Each rehab is in its own LLC so the bank account and credit card are specific to that property only.

I use QB online and Dropbox. The latter I use to scan documents with my phone's camera along with keeping digital copies of everything.

The only paper that I have is building plans and a notebook I use to scratch notes into. 

shouldn’t admit this but each time I get another house to flip I clean out a draw in my kitchen and put all the paperwork and receipts in there

When I sell the place i tally up everything, but also have a running total on my note section on my phone as well, I get a folder and put all that paperwork in it and put it in a file cabinet

Now that draw is available for the next flip.  

Drop box for filing everything.

Each property gets a folder created and each property is SET UP THE SAME WAY.  

EVERY property is set up this way.  Keep it simple.  And USE IT.  Dont be lazy

For instance, in rehab pics, we take pics every time we are at the house.  We then put the pics folders labeled (Date_Status_Name of person taking pics).  These pics allow us to track progress, hold contractors accountable, and limit liability if their is a dispute later between us and contractors/buyers/etc.  

Drop box (or google drive, either works) is an amazing filing cabinet online.  

On top of this we use base camp for project communication and task lists.

Hope this helps.