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Hello all,

I live in Central coast CA and we have a few rentals that we bought and are holding (I manage and do most of the work on them).  We've done 4 RE purchases and one sale so far so Im a bit of a newbie, but  I have some experience.  

Here's my situation.  A family member just went into managed care and we need to sell his Mobile about 5 hours away, currently residing in a MH park in the inland empire area (SoCal).  Its a mess, needing a new roof, complete rehab inside, as it has not been updated since 1977 and hardly cleaned since 2000.  

Once we clean the place out, how would you go about finding a "flipper" for such a place?  Is there a way to get it to go to the highest bidder rather than dealing with just one offer??  We are talking small change here-  Its probably worth less than 15K as is.    The $$ will go into his trust for his ongoing care.   

If we dont find a buyer, we could just walk from the place and let the MH park deal with it, but that seems unethical and rude.  

A friend of mine owns a mobile home park , when things reach where you are , all the owner wants is title to the unit . He will either sell it or tear it down and move in a newer unit . 

What city is it in? I have a friend that specialized in MH in Cathedral City.

Its in Colton- Maggie Hartwick

Washington or La Caden's?

YOu may want to hire a real estate agent to put it on the mLS. Investors scour the MLS for deals daily so you will have all interested parties fighting over it if your price it right and they can make a buck on the rehab.

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Originally posted by @Maggie H. :

Washington or La Caden's?

Reche Canyon

reche canyon is a pretty desireable park in Colton. You should have trouble selling it. Even in need of repairs. Are you willing to go MLS, or did you specifically want a cash buyer?

Your best bet is to just speak with the park manager or ownership if you're able to get a hold of them and they may make you an offer or just say we'll take it off your hands. Sounds like more work than its worth for you since you don't live nearby. Your other option would to be just to put it on Craigslist to wholesale it quickly for a few grand. Obviously there's not enough meat on the bone to pay a realtor to list it from the sound of it. What cities are your current rentals in? 

a MH that old and debilitated is a "throw away" item..... tear it down, haul it away and fill the space with a new unit and rent it out..... the value is in the space....not the home......

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