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BP community, 

Looking to connect and build relationships with some greater San Diego area wholesalers. 

Please PM with any fix and flip opportunities in area.


Hey Joey, welcome to BP.  I am currently only an aspiring wholesaler here in San Diego, but once I start finding deals I'll be sure to let you know.  What kinds of properties are you looking for?

I’m more than willing to partner up on deals. Help each other convert leads into deals and close on them. Feel free to connect with any questions or if you want to do a deal!

@William Presley looking for SFR and 2-4 unit fix & flips in the greater San Diego area.

@Adam Waldman sounds great thanks. Shoot me a PM if you ever want to discuss further! 

I look for commercial and multifamily properties in San Diego or California.  Contact me if you have any leads. thx.

I'll check with investors in our Outback club and see if anyone knows of any deals in SD fitting your description!

@Joey Giufre are you set on operating only in San Diego or are you open to other markets outside the area?

We are always interested in evaluating SFR to quad with rent to value ratios above 0.7 in inland north county or coastal. We also would consider lower ratios with significant value add opportunity. We can usually pay more than the flippers can pay because we are but n hold and therefore can make our profit over a longer duration.

You can PM me for my email.  

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