Elephant in the Room...Impending War??

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Hello all,

Unless I am just not putting in the right search parameters, I am not finding any posts regarding the possible implications on the housing market in the very possible scenario of our country entering into war.  I have my first two flips going right now - and I have to be honest, I’m getting a bit nervous with what seems to be a daily intensifying of global tension for the U.S. and how that hurts my end point.  Of course my fairly uneducated assumption is that if we were indeed finding ourselves in that awful scenario, the housing market along with the rest of our economy would be negatively impacted. 

Let me be clear - at the end of the day, if we did find ourselves in this situation, the status of my personal two projects are of smallest concern in the big picture of course. But in the same breath, I do have to ask the question so I can learn what to expect and maybe even how to prepare if there is anything I can do. 

Would love to hear what you all are thinking and how you are approaching this. 

Thank you. 

We've been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for over 16 years ...

I personally think that it should not be of concern.  Look at history, housing has not ever taken a beating from war.  

I am not a flipper, but a buy and hold.  I have two military families, the families still get their housing allowance, even when the service member male or female is deployed.  

Just pray for the safety of our service folks but continue doing business.  

Tae - I'm 45 years old and I can't remember when we haven't been at war.  I was born in 1972 during the Vietnam War.  I've lived through the declared "Cold War" (that continues to this day despite what folks say), through Granada, through the Communist Insurgency in Thailand, through Shaba II, through part of the Lebanese Civil War, through the invasion of Grenada, the bombing of Libya, through the Persian Gulf War, through the Invasion of Panama, through the Gulf War (again), through the intervention of the Somali war, through the intervention of Haiti, through the Bosnian war, through the War in Kosovo, through the war in Afghanistan, through the Iraq war (again), through the war in North-West Pakistan, through the Libyan Civil war, through the war on Isil, through the war in Afghanistan (again), and through the (current) Yemeni civil war.

How is this not business as usual?

As Theodore Roosevelt once said "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

or as I continue to tell folks - focus on the signal and ignore all the noise.

Valid responses all - and maybe that’s the kind of response I was looking for. For some reason this one feels like it has the potential for a lot more actual back and forth, and more specifically within each other’s country borders than we’ve dealt with in the last few wars that you all listed. So in that kind of scenario is partly what my mind was focused on when asking this question - maybe even then it doesn’t change much either way is what I am gathering. 

Tae, the best advice I can and do give everyone is get up, get out and get going.  Same scenario with our lives which can end at any moment for any reason.  I personally believe that as others have surmised that we are all made up of energy which cannot be destroyed therefore we carry on.  I am very grateful for every day in every way so do the best that we can and make tomorrow better than today.  I wish you well and hope that you don't dwell on anything negative but strive to do the best that we are capable of.  My life's motto is "if it's to be it"s up to me."  Carpe Diem!

War is a driving factor in the American economy. Without it your economy would likely drop considerably. It is good for employment as well as manufacturing. War should be viewed from a business  perspective.

It has been and will remain a essential part of your economy going forward.

Originally posted by @Thomas S. :

War is a driving factor in the American economy. Without it your economy would likely drop considerably. It is good for employment as well as manufacturing. War should be viewed from a business  perspective.

It has been and will remain a essential part of your economy going forward.

 USA has been in some form of war for 50% of its history. Some say that is embedded on a cultural level and or others point to more circumstantial. Either way it is actual and likely to remain impending war unfortunately. 

last time we weren't at war was the great depression....

The only thing to really be concerned at right now is if it goes nuclear.  At that point, worrying about your portfolio will be at the bottom of the list.

It seems quite clear to me that most are not concerned specifically regarding possibility of a negative impact on the housing market even if we were to engage in a large scale war - or the other opinion is simply that we have consistently been at war in general for quite some time already.  It puts me at a bit more ease with my current projects still ongoing and most likely not exiting from said projects for another several months yet. Again, if in fact we locked into a large scale war, this is really the least of anyone’s concerns, but still needed to get some opinions.  Appreciate all the input thus far, and open to any more insight if more are inclined to share from their experience. 

First off, we had a higher rate of new wars during the Obama administration.

Second, when there is blood on the streets there is money in the banks. Even during times of war or great depressions, someone is making money while the rest are frozen in fear.

Third, why worry about tomorrow? Can you add a single day to your life or hair to your head by worrying? NO! 

Do the best you can with what you have and where you are.

If Trump succeeds in his quest to start a nuclear war with North Korea it wont be like any other war we've fought. We will see heavy civilian casualties and extensive damage. But its not worth worrying about. People will still need a place to live. There is little chance your insurance will cover damage due to the war unfortunately but there is nothing you can do about it so why worry.

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