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I purchased my home back in 2009 brand new.  I've never really loved the house but it had been sitting on the market at the time for a good while and the builder needed to move it quick so I got a really good deal on it.  I do plan on turning it into a rental at some point in the future.  I'd really like to purchase another home more to my liking but the time is just not good for me right now.  I really hate the colors throughout the house and looking for options on giving it some sort of makeover.  All the floors and walls are like a light beige/tan/crème color of some sort.  The walls have stains in different places and I can't clean them due to the flat paint they used.  I really like grays and whites but with the color of the floors I just can't see gray walls looking good with the beige floors and replacing the floors is just not an option for me.  I'd also like to change the color of the cabinets to something more in todays style of colors.  The granite countertops are going to stay and they have colors of brown and black in them.  I'd like to replace the kitchen backsplash as well.  These are all things that I plan on doing myself so save money. 

Can you guys recommend some colors that would work well with the color of the floors and appeal to todays styles that are out there.  In my neck of the area it's all nice neutral grays with white trims.  Can I use something in between a gray and beige that would all blend in?  Don't want to go dark on the wall color, home is only 1700 sq/ft and most homes around me are larger so would like to try and make it feel as big as possible.  Any input and advice would be much appreciated.  I did paint an accent wall and the wood mantle and now don't like the color of the wall.  Here are some pics I snapped back when I first purchased the home.  The colors where in at that time but just don't like them at all anymore. 












Bare with me, the pics didn't upload for some reason. 

Go to a paint store, they can give you better advice. They’re free too, if you’re painting the whole house, they might come out.

Thanks for that advice.  I do plan on visiting a couple of the paint stores locally.

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