Just finished a flip and got a call back

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Just finished a flip and settled a week ago . Last night a strong windy storm came through and the buyers had some water damage on the ceiling and water on the floor of dinning room additionally some in the basement . I never had this issue when rehabbing . Buyers agent reached out regarding it and I advised to call a roofer . What would you have done?

@Tj Stirling They own it, they had an inspection, sorry, but you have moved on. 

@jackbobeck that’s how feel about it also . Especially since they had two inspections one from home inspector and one during VA appraisal . I just wanted to get a few more opinions since they buyers agent is saying the reputable thing would be to go look and stand behind my work. Thanks man appreciate it

Tell them to contact their insurance agent.. your off the hook unless you warrantied the house for a specific period of time, as far as I know.. YOU talk with your realtor and find out before YOU respond.. to see if you have any problems with any type of disclosure you may have filled out and signed.. 

This is what insurance is for. Unless otherwise stated in the purchase contract, you have no further interest in the home nor were any warranties given, either expressed or implied.

I see how one side says have a look, the other says they own it.

I bought a house with a roof leak (my current residence, not a flip). In our agreement the seller was to have the leak fixed. Life was good for a month to month and a half. Then one rainstorm and the roof was leaking again. It never occurred to me to go back to the seller... it was obvious they did try and fix the leak, it didn't work. I have since fixed the leak myself and would expect most homeowners to do the same.

I agree to a point but as a contractor if I had repaired something and it failed within a month or two I would feel obligated to see what the problem was.  If it was not something I had fixed it is on the new owner.  It would be different if it was a new home but we can't be responsible for damage due to aging.  Consider it like buying a used auto.  You don't have to put it in brakes because they were wearing out.  Sorry it happened but you can't see the future.  Best of luck.


Just to answer a few of the open ends , there were no expressed or implied warranties , I am the realtor and nothing regarding the roof was discussed . Lastly this particular area of the roof was not touched by myself of my subs . Thank you for all the feed back I appreciate it very much

No harm no foul.  Best to your future.  

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@Tj Stirling it sounds like they didn't have a roof inspection done which is on them. I have all of my clients complete a full home, roof, and pest inspection every time. Either way, they are now the owners and if you didn't touch the roof then it's not really your work to stand by. I agree with the other posters in that it's now on the new owners.

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@Tj Stirling , a  friend is going through a similar issue, except the rehabber did shoddy work throughout the house. If you did not touch this portion of the roof, and they had an inspection, it is now on them.

If you had done work to this portion of the roof, I'd suggest you go back and take a look at what happened.

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