How long is the average renovation phase?

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I know that houses can vary wildly, but how long on average does it take to complete renovations? For me, I would like 8 hours of work to be done every day, 7 days/week.

For me, it's anywhere from about three days to about six months, depending on the nature of the renovation.

I only purchase intensive rehabs but I break them down by labor hours. So 1 person completely gutting, wiring, hanging and finishing drywall, painting and then laying or refinishing floors is roughly 70 man hours for a bedroom. 2 people should shave a bit but not much off the total man hours.

It really depends on what you are trying to do.  Is it a light update or a full gut?  It also depends on how long your days are and how many days you are working.  Almost anything can be done in whatever time frame with the right money offered.  That being said, we just completed an 824 Sq Ft 2 bed/1 bath FULL GUT, and it took us just under 2 months (demo, plumbing, electric, roof, scraping popcorn and re-texturing, drywall, full new bath, full new kitchen, flooring, paint inside and out, landscaping, etc).  We could've finished it sooner, but took days off throughout.

We have done lighter versions of a full gut that took us under 30 days. 

For a extensive gut and rehab you should try and stay under 3 months. Moving forward, assuming a significant market shift may occur, it is essential flips be kept as short as reasonably possible. A market can change drastically in 3 months.

8 hours a day... sounds fine. 7 days a week? Who is working 7 days a weeks? 

@Patrick Philip Why would you pay for or someone work overtime? or do you expect workers to work like that but not getting paid enough?

We just a 1000 sq foot condo. New carpet, new wood floors, new paint, new fixtures, new bathroom, new countertops, new appliances. Took a tad over 30 days.

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