Tankless Gas Water Heaters in a rental?

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I have a 3/2 house under construction and it needs some rehab work. One of the things it needs is a new hot water heater. My question is whether it’s worth putting a tankless heater in a rental? What are the pros and cons? Where is the best place to buy and what brand?

I would stay away from it unless it’s a really bad space issue. Like blocking a door or something. tankless usually don’t pay out and especially if you don’t pay the utilities. 

Regular water heaters are easy to work on and replace. Just stick with common practice. It’s better that way. If a tank one breaks you can replace it for $400. If your tankless goes out you are back to spending $2500 on a new one.  Don’t go with a $800 cheap one. You will regret it. 

Stick with standard. I've seen an almost 100% conversion back to standard after seeing people getting them installed. Just more expensive and more potential problems. 

I know this plumber in Ca,

According to him its all about the maintenance. You need to keep servicing the on-demand systems. in some areas monthly. This if you want a long life unit.

Stick with conventional tank. You should drain and check a tank periodically too, however many just replace em when they ware-out.\


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