8 unit kitchenette redesign help

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hey guys started investing back in June and have 3 units currently. I’m curious, we just put an 8 unit under contract and it has some old school kitchenette all in one units originally made by Dwyer. We have limited space as it’s a couple effeciency apartments mixed with other one beds and a potential 2 bed. Any help on how to better layout these old kitchenettes would be appreciated. We budgeted for them all to be replaced with new kitchens

Nothing much you can really do.

@Casey McCoy there are options but you will have to do some digging. most places ( big box stores) do not stock these items and do not have them on display. check out pinterest, houzz, and apartment therapy. I have a similar project going on and it is a pain in the butt trying to get ideas, and then trying to source the manufacturer and then vendor. Another issue I am finding is there is a negative correlation with the size of an applaincr and the price of the item, these efficiency appliances cost more than standard appliances. you pay the price to save space. your picture does not depict, how much space you actually have,unless that is it. But try and see if you can expand the kitchen and accommodate the apartment grade applainces. You can pick up frigidare appliance sets for $1,500.00. good luck

Thanks @ravi P. much appreciated! That is what I'm finding as well. I've found this https://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/ROE.html but would certainly love to get the appliances regular. Sourcing the manufacturer hasn't been fun. I have noticed the two tenants that are in there both have another normal size fridge as well in their units but unfortunately this is about all the space we have to work with in each unit for kitchen as they're all along a wall. 

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