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I am completing a rehab project in NC and I looking for a home security company to monitor during the marketing to close. Most are offering a 3 year contract. There is not internet in the house, so the system has to be cellular with remote monitoring. Do you know of any short-term or system that is portable if new owner does not want to assume a contract.  

they have their own equipment with a base station sensors cameras you have a choice to scale all starting at $300

Simplisafe or Frontpoint.  Frontpoint does have a contract, but you can move the system to other flips.

I actually like frontpoint.  After some reviews I decided to go with them.  

@Ishmael Carter, could you share how your experience with FrontPoint is going?  I'm also looking for a security system that I can install temporarily while I'm rehabbing a rental home.  Any others who have input, I would appreciate it.

It works great. I used it for a short period before I was able to get a renter in the property.   Unfortunately I am still paying a reduced monthly rate.  You have to go with a 12 month plan or an expensive outlay.  Hope this helps.  

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