How do you organize all the samples and brochures?

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We've only just started our first reno and already I'm buried under piles of samples and brochures!  Flooring, counter tops, cabinet doors, hardware, and paint chips and some things I can't even identify.

Anyone have some good methods for dealing with this madness?

Flipping or buying a rental?

Most rental owners I know find something they like and use it over and over so there is no need to keep hundreds of brochures.

I know what that's like but, more importantly,  I know what that may mean. When you find yourself with a limitless amount of choices, it's possible that you need to break down your budget some more. Try to decide on something that will set the tone for the whole house, like the counter top or the flooring and then you will have far fewer colours and patterns to choose from to stay within budget. Whatever you do, try try try to keep in mind that this is not your personal residence and not a TV design show. Stay as neutral as you possibly can while appealing to the broadest possible market. Grey paint and white subway tiles are decisions that are practically already made for you. Lol. Make sure you know what that particular street in that particular neighborhood expects as far as quality and materials, and meet those standards. You can exceed them by a tiny degree but not by much.  Add your dazzle with staging. It is much harder to stay within budget when you use creativity to make your decisions. The success or failure of your flip will have very little to do with your design decisions. So boring, I know, but wait until you have done a few, then get creative. I wish I'd spent a lot more time on discipline and less on design.  People just want what everyone else has.

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