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Hello,  This is my first post here on BP. I need a recommendation for a small contracting job. I have a patio that I want to turn into a bedroom in my culver city condo. I have the architect drawing, the structural engineer approval and approval from the condo association.  The city wants me to have a contractor before they sign off on it.  The job is small but we also may want additional work if the price is good.  Long term, if my plan to turn the two bedroom into a three bedroom works then I am going to do this with a few more condos in the next few years. 

I have not hired a contractor in LA before. I would appreciate any recommendations. 

I've used Nes Propert Services before. They're great.

@Jerry Murphy Long term means, couple of months or years contract with continuous work in my books. The promise of work nowadays is close to negligible to be honest. Tell your city that you don't need a contractor and will pull it as owner builder, there is no law that will prevent you from pulling it if it is under your name, and you will be living on it at least one year after completion.

Hi Manolo, I looked at your profile.  You look like you really know what you are doing.  I probably could use someone who maybe is focused on smaller jobs.  This is a simple conversion of a small condo.  Someday I'd like to do more but I want to see if I can do this right first. I wasn't promising work, just thinking this is a value adding idea that could be repeated a several times in my neighborhood. 

I agree that the law does not require a contractor.  The guy who approves the permits in Culver City seems to reject everyone. My wife has been going to the office for me.  She said he rejected everyone who applies for a permit when she was there.  First he said we needed an architect so we got one. Next, he said to get our condo associations approval.  The condo association wanted a structural engineer to sign off on it.  So we got that.  She went back yesterday and they gave her a form asking for the name of the contractor. I don't plan of doing it myself so I'll get one if I need one.  

Thanks Drew, I'll give them a call. 

Go to the Van Nuys DOB.  The people there are easier.

@Jerry Murphy Understood, I just want to point it out that from the other side, a work promise has no bearing, everybody says it but nobody really does it, that’s why we price it individually. Now sometimes - depending on how busy we are - some contractors give discounts for repeat customers, not really on the first job. Your project sounds simple, seems like it’s only an addition on a weird and strict city. I don’t think you needed structural, your hoa is wierd, you could have avoided that cost had you known. My profile was updated like 2 years ago so can’t remember what it looks like now lol. Send me an email and i probably can point you to the right direction.

Drew, Culver City is part of LA County but not part of LA City. They say i need to comply with the Culver City Municipal Code  not the LA City Code.  So I can't go to Van Nuys DOB.  Culver is great little nook in LA. They have good schools, reasonable cops and a small town feel, but there are a few petty tyrants in the government who have too much discretion and not enough oversight. 

That's frustrating!  I guess it's the same in Santa Monica.  Good to know.    

Great strategy  for Culver City @Jerry Murphy . If your complex allows it, definitely rinse and repeat. 

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