The most valuable thing that was left in a house you purchased?

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I recently bought my second house to flip and there was usual junk left, but also a brand new carpet cleaner machine. So that got me thinking what was the most valuable or strangest thing you have discovered in a new RE acquisition? Funny story the first house I bought and am flipping one of my guys found a gold bracelet nestled in the window and I said throw it away but he insisted on keeping it,of course come to find out it was 14k gold made in Italy. I told him it was his Christmas bonus lol

Mostly junk. The most common useful thing is usable furniture.

Probably the most valuable thing I've found was maybe $200 worth of untouched insulation material

From one hoarder house I did a couple years ago, I pulled out about $10K worth of comic books, guns, ammo, collectible knives and other stuff...

I still have a couple things that I haven't been able to get an accurate appraisal for, but I think are worth several thousand dollars.  Still waiting for antiques roadshow to come by...  :)

@JScott I guess the class of hoarder makes a difference. Good to know upscale hoarding can be lucrative. 

I have a friend who found $10k in cash. In a box hidden in the attic.

I found a pool ladder in a shed one time and I needed it at my home. Luckily it fit. 

The last home sold had 4 barns. 3 abandoned cars, 13 truck loads of trash later there were more junk found in the chicken coops. Apparently they checked out >700 unreturned tapes from the library, mattress, toys decayed.  A safe filled with dirty cloths. I think homeless used the barn also.

Have acquired two lockboxes, three dehumidifiers and a number of master locks left behind by property mgmt. Have also sold old appliances on Craigslist, paid for some dinners out...

Electrition found $300 in cash and asked me if it was mine

It was not so I messaged the seller.   She said it was hers but we could keep it 

I gave it to the electrition 

Tons of auto parts. Previous owner apparently had a habit of taking items home from work? Or possibly working on the side. Either way, I was able to part out a few, use a couple, and offload the rest to people that needed them.

recent rehab we found above a bathroom ceiling in a dead space an old chair, a cast iron stove top piece, and a miniature pool table from the early 1900s possibly worth a grand or so. house was built in 1875
Valuable I dont know but interesting. An antique kids pedal car, an ancient harmonica, and some pastoral scene tile from the 1800s. Old tools you dont recognize are the most puzzling.

So I’m thinking now with all this great stuff we should have a Bigger Pockets yard sale. 

Not one of my purchases but a few years back when i was cleaning out hoarder houses for a local investor I found a brand new sewing and embroidery machine, looked it up and it was worth about $800. It made my mom very happy.

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