Has anyone used the Home Depot Project loan card

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Has anyone used the Home Depot project loan card to fund the repairs on any of their projects and have any thoughts on doing this? specifics on the program are: Up to 55k loan amount, 7.99% interest fixed, 84 month payment schedule.

First time I have heard of this.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  What are the qualifications?

I don't have any experience with that but if you haven't already I do suggest signing up for a PRO account with Home Depot and grouping purchases over $3000 with a pro rep to the bid room for a discount. Also usually Black Friday has some good deals on flooring and appliances. I like to stock up for the whole year. 

I have a Home Depot card with 10k on it and I have used it extensively. Don't see a down side to more credit from Home Depot.

Yes, I have used the card...it was after the podcast from Brandon Turner.  It's a good deal all things considered.

Going to try it out on the house I am doing right now, just a cosmetic flip and rent so wont be a big ticket flip.

 @Jon Johnson , I have a commercial account and pro account and use the home depot for most of the work I do. 

@Charlie DiLisio i applied last night for the program and it took a short application on line and  about 2 minutes to approve it. it has a 6 month buy period that is interest only on the amount spent, after that is a scheduled payback term

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