Rehabbing a remediated meth house

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I'd like to get some feedback and opinions on this.  Is it worth rehabbing a professionally remediated meth house?

The house is in a class C neighborhood with a lower crime rate according to  It has been gutted to the studs by a professional remediation company.  The exterior of the house is pretty decent, nice actually.  The house can be purchased for next to nothing (approx. $2,000).  Could potentially be flipped, but would rather keep as a rental.

Should investors run from these properties or are these great investment opportunities?

It all depends on the numbers! Have you looked at comps in the area? What's you're After Repair Value?  Cost to Repair? 

Also, if you plan on renting make sure you check to see what similar properties are renting for. Keep an eye out for a significant supply in the neighborhood that may make it difficult to rent.