Remote flip security system - simplisafe?

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Hi there

I am doing a flip that is about 2 hours away from where i life. We already had some tools stolen, so I am looking into ways to secure the property over night. Right now, my favorite is simplisafe. I wonder though how I should handle that from a distance. The property has no internet so I cannot get the cam and see what is going on there. What would I do when the alarm goes off in the middle of the night? I believe I would get a notification on my phone, but I would have no idea what is going on and the noise would only annoy the neighbors. 

How do others handle this type of situation?

Thanks for the answer @Kevin McLaughlin . I am a bit unsure how they work though. They only record to a local storage like an SD card, right? I am looking for a way to know from afar what is going on in the property the moment an alarm got triggered. 

We had mixed results with SimpliSafe. We bought about 20 of them one time in a package and installed them in all of our flips. As you suggested we had a lot of problems with them going off at random times and I'm not sure they didn't create more problems than they solved. They do work, but one of the keys is to make sure that when you set them up you make sure to turn off law enforcement response to an alarm, otherwise every time you don't answer the phone to give them the password they're going to send the police out and you'll end up paying fees based on the laws in your local jurisdiction. Once they were installed we sold them with the properties and the buyers seemed to like having them as an added bonus to the purchase. They also have apps for your phone and you can arm them and disarm them remotely if need be.