When to install windows?

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I want to buy my own windows for our flips, but the place we use is 10-days until delivery. 

At what point are new windows put into a house on a reno typically? 

Hi Francis

Just a little bit of background here as a caveat..  We've done I think 12-15 projects to date (I'd have to count) which has primarily been rentals.

Only 2 of those have been projects where we've done all new windows.

Order of ops though..... You need to put windows in and what are called jam extensions BEFORE trimming out your house.

You trim out after you drywall but your drywall and window installations don't really depend on each other

However, you need to know if you are doing a pocket replacement or new construction windows as that will have a big impact on your order of operations.  Also, whether you are re-doing any siding will impact feasibility of doing new construction windows.....

hopefully this helps a little bit

@Francis Rusnak

Kitchens and windows are the first things I order on my renovations because they can take awhile to get. Also you need windows/cabinetry for pretty much everything (painting, trim, plumbing, etc).

@Francis Rusnak Siding needs to be done first before windows when it comes to the exterior portion and interior portion for me. This was siding can be cut to the new windows and drywall as well. 

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