Urban Area, deciding on exterior siding - input appreciated!

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Hello all,

Currently working on a flip, remotely, and just now realizing after my recent visit to the property that the current vinyl siding has all sorts of chips and bowing out on it that wasn't really addressed in the original scope. Yes, all sorts of misses there in the first place, but it is what it is and i will learn from it for next time. The house is in a revitalizing urban area, and the highest valued comps all have brand new siding that look like the hardi style. This project has had many overages already, with my profit becoming more and more of a question with each passing overage that comes my way... and now I have to determine if it's worth getting the new siding as well which i know isn't cheap. Honestly I don't even know if the current vinyl siding would pass FHA with as many dings and bows are on it, and the siding is too old to find a perfect match to replace just select pieces.

Questions: do I bite the bullet and replace it all completely, or try to find imperfect matches to repair?  If I do change it out, would you recommend fiber-cement/hardi or LP or what else? The best comps are in that style. And about how much can I expect to pay for 2 story 1800ish sq ft, “box” shaped home?  Lastly - do you typically have to pay separate for new siding to the painted?  Any input much appreciated!

Count me in on this question!  I've got a city rowhouse with awful asphalt tiles on sides and baby blue faded vinyl on the front & back. I've noticed some vinyl looks so much better than others. I also wonder about insulating between the sheathing and siding, the place has no existing insulation and I pay the heat.

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