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On my current project I estimated the electrical to cost approx. $3000. What I didn't know was the panel is a recall and needs to be replaced. Mistake. My contractor is not licensed for electrical. I got my first bid for new service, panel, and rewire at $9000. 3x my target!! I am also getting 3 more bids next week.

I have a friend who is a retired electrician. Can I use him if he is licensed, or does he have to be a contractor that is insured? Is it more difficult to get permits or pass inspection? I believe he knows all the inspectors which might help.

Any thoughts or advice?

Check with your town/city you may luck out. I upgraded our Lakehouse electrical panel to 200amp. Called the town & asked if a permit was required & did I need to use a licensed electrician. No permit, no need for the electrician. But I said 'its very dangerous work for the average DYI guy'. His reply ' we haven't lost anyone yet'. I did it for $800 including 2 of my guys to help with the 2 story 200 amp #2ga run install. 

I had a State Inspector check it out ($54) before the utility reconnected at the street & had his inspection report sent to the Town & my insurance carrier.

I then completely rewired the dwelling to eliminate all the old < 1970's Al runs that were common back then. I used about 600ft of 12 ga as I like to run 20 amp outlets.

We have a 1960's era 6plex in a town nearby that does not require permits for electrical & plumbing. So during each unit rehab I have upgraded 90% of the wiring as I discovered there were many overloaded circuits that had heat damage to the insulation at some of the outlets & especially the light fixtures. I also replaced runs of Al to stoves etc.

Thanks for sharing! I hope my location is as lenient :) So far my understanding is a licensed electrician has to pull the permits where I live. 

Power company won't turn on power unless inspector clears it. Inspector won't clear it unless it's done by licensed electrician. I'm digging in more to see if I can skirt this or use people I know to get it cleared.

Thanks for allowing me and others to get a glimpse on how you did it in your neck of the woods. I will surely try to accomplish it the same way if possible!!! You saved a ton of $ doing it that way- I would love to emulate that!

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