What is your favorite paint for rentals?

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@Alyssa Paros

I like intellectual gray with white trims. It gives the place a pop. I try to stay away from the dull yellow or eggshell white colors, seems too boring to me. Looking back, I wish had used that color, instead I used a blue-gray. It still attracted a lot of potential tenants. They loved it. So I am definitely confident an intellectual gray would work even better for you guys.  

I use SW Alabaster when I want off-white. Otherwise I use farrow and ball (colormatched by SW) Ammonite (very pale greige)and Purbeck Stone (two tones darker in same palette). I use FB Pale Powder in bathrooms and laundry, and Borrowed Light in the Master Bedroom. it’s more work but makes the houses seem higher-end.

All our rentals:

Lowes - Valspar 4000    Eggshell  Color Hopsack

Have been using for many years.

All units the same, easy to touch up and repaint. No wondering what we used per house. It is a nice real estate tan and it is fairly cheap.

I wish I had stuck with the same color in my rentals. Not only touch ups but if you actually need to repaint, no cutting in. Saves a lot of time...just paint to close to the edge. I use Behr white ceiling, SW white trim paint, the color it comes off the shelf. I wish I could give you one paint color for the walls...or even two..that I use on every place.

Originally posted by @Alyssa Paros :
What paint do you like to use? We’re looking at primer+paint for rentals in the $500-800 range. We rehab ourselves right now.

 Sherman Williams color match of Benjamin Moore's revere pewter. Not too gray, not tan, but somewhere in between. Great neutral color that is very flexible.

Glidden speedwall white semigloss for everything...ceilings, walls, trim... 47.00 for a 5 gallon at home depot after my discount...i can spray the entire inside of a home for under $150.... best decision I ever made, I even use it for all my exterior trim too...lasts just as long as the pricey stuff...

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