Installing Celing Fans vs. A/C

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You're asking the question in kind of an odd way. You state that AC costs a lot, but you don't say anything about there being ANY price appreciation involved in the expense. The best answer I can give is, "it depends on the market".

I lived in Houston for 25 years and for anything other than the absolutely cheapest neighborhoods (read slums, which you don't have in SLC) cental AC is a necessity, not an option. In Houston it's a lot for the humidity as well as the heat. Where I live now, in central TX, many lower priced homes have just window units, especially if they're on heavily treed lots, or close to one of the lakes. However, anything here that's over $100K isn't going to sell withou it.

If every comparable house has AC you better have it. BTW, we have ceiling fans in every room and they are a great enery saver. Moving air makes you feel cooler than you really are. Don't run them when no one is in the room to feel the moving air.

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