A 70's era bar in the basement?

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So, I have a house, had a renter for a while and decided to sell to fund another project. 1000 sq. ft. ranch, built in the 60's. Probably B class starter home market. Nothing special really, except a 70's era custom, "folk art" kind of bar. It's got gold and red velvet wallpaper, black and gold trimmings, saloon doors, whole 9 yards. I know it's kind of ugly, but it's so unique, I think it's kind of beautiful. I've got the house listed with an agent that is experienced in the area and knowledgeable. I was hoping for a clever, patronizing description of the bar in the ad, but nothing other than "bar area". Do you all think keeping the bar in the original, 70's era condition is going to hurt me or help me? Tell me what you think about it.

@Corey Koe I think it looks cool! Maybe some younger tenants (or older) would too. It really depends on the rest of house. If it sticks out like a sore thumb, it's probably a good idea to either get rid of it or cover over it.

Think of it like this , THATS  how they will identify the house .  

Its in the basement , not a big deal , I would have some fun and find some 1970's decorations and spread them around , be funny .  Leave a note on the bar  " if you want it gone it will be removed before settlement "

Id paint it and add some cheap shelves to the wall on the back for bottles.  Cheap cleanup and will make a huge difference.   Most will say its nice if it wasn't dated, so not going to be a value add for the buyer in most cases the way it is.

I definitely think it makes it unforgettable. I did consider doing a little staging with that era decor for the fun of it but I'm not sure everyone looks at it and thinks "fun". It became a point of contention between my wife and I. She wanted to remove the wallpaper and paint, bead board on the front of the bar and some more paint and, Wala, looks great! That wallpaper though, I haven't been able to find anything like it. Kind of hate to year it off when there maybe someone out there that loves it.

@Corey Koe

Is it a wet bar or a dry bar? If it's a wet bar I'd think about keeping it if all the plumbing is there and refacing it. Especially if you're flipping the property.

@Dave Van Horn   Its a dry bar, so there's no plumbing. Already got two written offers on it. Been on the market two full days, that's all. I know, It's a seller's market. I know, I know Treasury yields are on the up-swing, buyer's are out in droves. I think it's the bar though.