Looking For Cincy Contractors - Need Help

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I'm an investor/landlord/rehabber in Cincinnati, OH. I've been doing most of my rehabs by myself, however, I'm starting to get too many projects and now I need to start giving out the work to some good contractors. I've been looking for a few to start using here in Cincinnati, with no luck... 

I was wondering if anyone out there in BP had some recommendations for Cincy contractors, and if so, could you share some of those names/contact info with me?

I looked through the BP forums, but didn't see any recommendations and I noticed most threads went cold with on responses. I'm hoping this thread can stay warm enough to get a few recommendations.


Gear’d Development

Lance Chesney 

Those are two I work with.  Can PM you their numbers. 

@Brandon Moryl was a contractor in Cincinnati, recently moved to lending, any recommendations on contractors Brandon? Also I want to mention @Brandon Styles , I help organize an investor meetup here in Cincy. If you're interested in attending here is the bp event link: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/521/topics/523726-cincinnatis-best-ever-rei-mastermind I'm sure some of our regulars can recommend some contractors for you.

@Paul Sian - Yes, can you please PM me with those contractors' numbers? Greatly appreciate it!

@Grant Rothenburger - I just purchased a ticket to this month's mastermind meeting. I'll see you there.

Thank you to both of you for replying to my thread.

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