Hi all,

My name is Mengli Wang. I live in Hoboken and work in Manhattan as a teacher.  I also manage my rental properties on the side. Now I am considering pursuing real estate full time, buying and doing home renovation projects, and maybe house flipping once I get better at it. The skill and experience I need to develop is construction management. So hopefully, I will have a team working with me in the future.

Now, I would like to get started and am seeking help and advice from all of you here regarding how to get started on construction management. I am open to taking courses/classes and find a GC mentor to work with to start off. 

There are so many programs in the city that offers construction management courses. Is there anyone familiar with those courses and have any recommendations? 

I know to be familiar and good at in the construction field takes years of experience and practice, and I am determined to do it. Any advice will be appreciated.