What if the county finds out about unpermitted work after sale?

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I put in new fan wiring without permits. Probably should have gotten them, but I didn't. I know what I'm doing and didn't want the county involved.

The penalty for doing unpermitted stuff is that they will inspect and make you pay for a permit if they find out.

But what if the county finds out after I sell the house? Would the new owners be responsible for this if they have to tear down ceilings, etc.? Would it be my responsibility and the new owners sue me?

Fact is, I know it's done right so I'm not worried about safety.

Legally, you have to disclose this information to the buyers of your house. unpermitted work is an adverse condition, and legally you must disclose it.

Once you disclose it and the house is sold, if the county has an issue, is up to the new owners to deal with it.  

Of course if you disclose it, the new owners and or their lender will require that you get it permitted. So you might as well just do it now.

And if you don't disclose it, and there is an issue later, you can be on the hook for civil or criminal penalties, depending on what issues it causes.

And the fact that you posted about it on a public forum means you can no longer claim you didn't know about it.

So just do the right thing and get it inspected.

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