Looking for a contractor in South Bend for long term rental

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Currently making offers on homes in South Bend, Indiana. Looking for good recommendations on contractors? I live in California and will need to rely on a good contractor to rehab a home I plan to keep as a long term rental property. Any investors in South Bend who have used a good contractor for there rehab or home flipping project?

I know a guy but he's tied up for some time so it probably wouldn't be a good lead, right now.   I chimed in to say you may want to be very careful about buying in SB.  Some of the numbers look fabulous but if you don't know what you are doing you'll end up with a problem versus an asset.  Probably depends on your strategy, too.   Also, some 'feeder/border' towns are very reliant upon a particular type of manufacturing.  It's all good when the economy is humming, but  . . . it was ugly during the downturn.  

Sure, it was ugly lots of places but around this 'general region' . . so much so that it attracted some national attention.  

And, just like anywhere, it can be hard to find a PM company.  So, as common advice goes . . . make sure you have a solid team.  

I had a quote done on a property for windows in another town very close bye.  It was way too high - from Lowe's home improvement.  Started talking to the guy about investing, and he told me they just did whole house windows for a California investor that had never set foot inside the home.  Definitely wouldn't be my suggestion but when you aren't local you sometimes don't know.

I've started fanning out.  I strongly believe automation in manufacturing is going to be catastrophic sooner rather than later and I need some variation in my portfolio.  Good luck!

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