Tracking Contractor Hours/Location

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What services do you guys use to track contractor hours with GPS? There are a lot of companies that do this. Looks like pricing ranges from freemium to ~$4/contractor. So far, looks like the best ones are advancesystemsinc, myhours, epaysystems, and clockshark.

I'd be interested in hearing responses here.

Tracking time can be tricky because regardless of how you accomplish it, the challenge always ends somewhere with trust.

I've used a text message system where people text me when they get in, and when they leave, with very limited success.

I've found that the common psychological profile of someone that's out selling hourly time doing construction is often someone with an ego that doesn't want to be 'handled/managed'.  Of course I'm generalizing but in general, it's true and it becomes a challenge.  For hourly folks from my experience, you've got to be on top of them and keep them accountable, VERY accountable.  Not just with time, either.

@Art Maydan   From a contractors perspective , What good is tracking a contractors hours , he may have 2 employees on the job today and 4 tomorrow .  

A  contractor is a business , usually with employees , the contractor tracks and pays his employees by the hour . A contractor makes his money by the job .

If you are refering to tracking your own employee , those systems may work .As far as asking an independant contractor to carry a GPS so you can tract their every move , Good Luck 

@Matthew Paul I understand what you're saying. Our situation is a bit unique because we work closely with the same contractor on many jobs and incentives are pretty aligned. So I've been asked by both the company owner and contractor to look into ways to keep track of the workers. Although I'm not sure that will solve their core concern, which is that work isn't being done quickly enough.

If people are getting paid hourly then what is their incentive to work faster? 

I hate to say it, but a clipboard at each property with a sign in/our column might be your best bet.

Any system where someone has to log in and do something is a barrier to getting the hours. With something as easy as a clipboard staring them in the face, it’s literally 2-3 seconds to write their name and time in/out.

I used to work for a large company that required daily time cards. They had a nice system to log into and record your time, etc. it was always a constant struggle to get people to do it - even though they knew they wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t.

Just my thoughts.

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