The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

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I'm really keen to buy "The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs" but I'm just wondering if it would be helpful to someone based in New Zealand? Does anyone know if the principles are sort of universal or if they are more specific to the US?

The building costs in the US are MUCH lower then NZ. So as far as pricing NO.

They also calculate SQF ant not meters.
As far as strategy to use and processes perhaps the book could help.

The best way to learn estimating Reno cost in NZ is to get quotes and shop around.
-- fined the deal, put it under Due Diligence and do the Due diligence on renovation cost.

Hi Jordana

I bought the book not long after it came out as I am a bit of a book fiend. It is a good read and like @Hadar Orkibi and @Dean Letfus mentioned the terminology and costings are quite different to NZ.

I did find it useful though and over time have been able to use it as a starting point to begin developing some spreadsheets of things I would have forgotten to include or more likely bundled together when I should have really kept them separate.

Maybe some of the Kiwi crew will sit down someday and write the kiwi guide in the future...


One good example is, first world countries consist of 70% labor and 30% materials. While 3rd world countries 30% labor and 70% materials. Labor is too cheap at $5/day.