I need some (safe) heat, stat!

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Well, we have almost completed an extended rehab - new innards, finished a 950 SF basement, stopped flooding etc. (really wished I started a deal diary of this one!) and have run into a snag.

The HVAC needs some repair/maintenance work, and we aren't getting heat into the building. We are trying to keep our drywall guy working to stay on schedule, and wonder if anyone has a cost effective and sage recommendation on getting ~2,000 SF heated? We've ran through a few different ideas this morning, including just waiting it out, but just on here making sure there's not something obvious we're missing. 

Thanks in advance, 

Electric space heaters can be rented locally but you may need 4 or 5 of them.  I see you are in the cold country so I can see the need you have.  Can you expedite the HVAC repairs?  Good luck.

@Ryan Kurth

I'm an HVAC contractor and I have a few, used, warm air furnaces that I keep around for emergency and/or construction use. I'm a little too far to be of any help to you but I would suggest contacting your HVAC contractor and see if there is anything he can do to help you out.

Probably not cheap but I've had temporary heat units brought in for commercial construction work. If you are that right on time, and can't get your existing hvac up and going, this could be a way to do it. You would have to reach out to a local temp heat company and see what they offer.

If you have a 20A circuits and room in your panel you can put in a double pole breaker and run some 2500 electric baseboard on 220V. If you have an electric dryer outlet in the vicinity even better. You can supplement this with propane space heaters during the day which should be a little cheaper to operate.  You'll probably cry a bit when you see your electric bill but I'm assuming you only need to hold the temp at 55 or so for finishing. I'm doing this now in the northeast.

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