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Situation: Currently in a live and flip and am doing a full remodel of the house in the evenings and on weekends. The house was built in the 1935 and all the walls are plaster and lathe, while starting the renovation I found out that the walls were crumbling underneath and were held up by duct tape, covered with what looked like some sort of mud then repainted. We have to add outlets around the home because there are barely any and they are located in the most abnormal places and we have contacted an electrician. He told us that if the walls are plaster and lathe the cost will be 50 - 100% more than if they were left open for him to come in and wire them quickly. 

Problem: The original electrician I scheduled with became a ghost and all (and I mean ALL) of the other electricians are 2 weeks out from being able to schedule a bid and another 2 weeks out from doing the work. I am trying to be moved out of this property within 6 weeks at the latest. 

1) Should I start drywalling the home and pay a little more than if they were open for the electrician? (they would have to cut through tile backsplashes)

2) Any suggestions on areas I can do while I wait for the electrician? 

I have to get this unit rented before April for the new students moving to the local university. 

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and advice!

Run the wiring yourself and have a electrician do the final inspection. Basic electrical wiring is very simple and the information is readily available on the interweb.

concerned that i'd do more harm then good. 

Keep calling around to see if you can find a licensed electrician who can get the work done sooner. Waiting 2 weeks to start the work sounds reasonable (though difficult), but waiting 2 weeks for an estimate is really hard.

I would NOT do it yourself. Unless you know the codes and such, you’ll probably do parts wrong that he’ll have to fix. Also many electricians won’t do the work if you do it halfway since it’s their liability and license on the line.

This sounds like a lot of work to be done, sold, closed and out in 6 weeks max... it actually doesn't even sound possible (closing usually take 4 weeks minimum).

Also this work all sounds like it needs permits. There will be additional time due to that. You can't close walls up on new work until the town/city/governing body has viewed and signed off. Not to mention if you sheetrock the walls and then expect him to come in and "add/install" outlets, switches, lights, etc... assume your walls will be swiss cheese. Electricians need more than one hole the size of a gang box to get their work done.

If I were in your shoes, I would discuss with the next best contractor on you performing some work. You can install the boxes, and run wire between them as well as up/down into the attic or basement (assuming they are open and not finished). I would confirm exactly what the electrician wants to see as far as supporting the wires, you will need nail plates, fire stop, etc... If you do this and get the town/city to approve so you can close walls there may be some time to save.

I appreciate the feedback everyone. I began contacting electricians outside of the city, still looking at about the same time frame for the work to start but am on the cancellation list for several of them in case any of their appointments fall through. Due to the house being on knob and tube, I don't feel comfortable starting to do any of the work. 

@Chris Roberts Do a whole house re-wire, you just have to have conduits run and even no wire, let the electrician do the wiring, have your pull boxes and conduits ready.

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