Chicago 1 bathroom condo - shower, no tub, for design purposes?

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Hi BP!

I am renovating a 2 bed 1 bath condo in the South Loop of Chicago! 


We are going for a very sleek modern look in the bathroom - I think a glass door shower will look terrific. HOWEVER this eliminates the possibility for anyone to ever take a bath. Do you think this will affect buyers enthusiasm?

Note: a comp with the same layout, same building sold for a great price with only a shower! But I'm still wondering if folks with experience selling condos have a viewpoint. I genuinely believe that given the size bathroom we have, it will not be possible to make a bathtub look sleek and elegant.

Thanks everyone in advance!

@Meera Lakhavani - I think you need to analyze your demographics and figure out who your likely clients will be.  Typically the biggest need for a bath is families/kids.....if you are in the south loop and have 2/1 sounds like you are looking at young professionals and I personally think the nice shower would return more on your investment!  Good luck.

@Meera Lakhavani - Another thing you need to consider is the current existing condition of the bathroom. If it has a decent bathtub or shower it may not be worth it to gut it and replace it. Maybe you just add a nice glass sliding door or something. Your ROI may be minimal and it may be worth it to get a nice vanity or use the money in the kitchen. Food for thought. Good luck!

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